Laser Dentistry

One of the great things about Dentistry is the constant appearance of new exciting technologies to help us provide the highest level of dental care, performing brand new procedures and old procedures in new ways. The dental soft tissue laser is a wonderful example of this.

The laser can be used to replace a scalpel in the majority of gum and periodontal surgeries, it is blood free and healing is faster and much less uncomfortable!

Gum Disease

Deep periodontal pockets can be sterilised improving treatment outcomes and often avoiding complex periodontal surgeries.

Laser Enhanced Power Bleaching

The laser can be used to accelerate in practice tooth bleaching to give you an outstanding shade change in your smile in less than an hour. Please note a home bleaching kit will also be given to you to top up your new smile into the future.


Fillings near to or below the gum line are hard to treat and often require two visits. With the laser we can almost always restore these teeth in one much more simple visit.

Cosmetic Gingivectomies

Many people look like they have short stubby teeth, whereas in reality the teeth are of normal length, it is only the gums that are too long and thick. The laser can be used to simply re-contour the gums allowing the true beauty of the smile to shine through.

Crowns and Implants

Gum management is very important for excellent crowns, again the laser simplifies this for the patient.

Ulcers and Cold Sores

As long as the laser is used in the very early (prodromal phase) ulcers and cold sores will heal faster and less painfully. There is evidence to suggest that some cold sores will not return in the same site.

Happy Patients

All in all our laser makes many complex procedures easier and less invasive for our patients, which makes them happy, and happy patients make us happy!