Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Dr. David Sims believes that good dental health is not when a dentist keeps fixing your teeth, but when your teeth do not need fixing at all! When you have good dental health you should be able to enjoy fresh breath, confident eating and a beautiful smile.

Most of us have experienced a ‘quick check up’ at the dentist. The dentist checks to see if anything is wrong or likely to go wrong in the next six months. It is probable that any problems will just be patched until they break the next time. This is quick, easy and ultimately leads to the gradual destruction of your teeth.

In order to help you experience confidence and stability in your dental health, David is interested not only in what is going wrong with your teeth, but most importantly why. He looks ahead, not just six months, but years to see if there is something that can be done now to protect your teeth and prevent ongoing problems from occurring.

Your personalised comprehensive treatment plan aims to set you up for long term success by evaluating your needs, repairing damage, strengthening potential weakness, protecting from the cause of disease and most importantly tailoring a preventive program for you to help minimise ongoing dental problems.