Sims Dental offers Orthodontic treatment for adults and children in a personalised, informative and fun environment. Dr David Sims takes time to find out what goals you have for your smile and designs orthodontic treatment specifically for you. He never uses the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

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Personalised Treatment

Dr Sims believes that because we are all unique and our face shapes are slightly different, a standard ‘orthodontic smile’ will not look completely natural for most people.

For this reason he uses individually prescribed braces using IP Appliances (Individual Patient Appliances), each bracket, band and wire is individually chosen to create a final smile that is truly personalised and looks as natural as possible.

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Free Orthodontic Consultation

If you would like to find out more about orthodontics at Sims Dental or to book a free orthodontic initial consultation please contact us, we will be delighted to help.

Whilst Dr Sims is not an Orthodontic specialist he has undertaken many post graduate orthodontic courses at both Melbourne University and with Progressive Orthodontic Seminars.  Dr. Sims is a Fellow of the International College of Continuing Education (Ortho). He can undertake the vast majority of orthodontic treatment and refers the, few, very complex cases to appropriate specialists.